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6th Grade Requirements

Students must complete both 6th grade Advanced Math and 7th grade Advanced Math (this course is 8th grade Math) during the 6th grade year

Students who wish to be considered for Geometry in 2019 will complete 7th grade Advanced Math (the 8th grade Math Equivalent) using an online course located in Odysseyware during the Spring Semester of 2019 – developed by AISD Math Dept. Course may be accessed at home and school.

Students will take the 8th grade STAAR Math test in the Spring of 2019 after completing the online 7th gr. Advanced Math course (8th g. Math) and score in the Mastery range 

Students who need more preparation will attend AVID Summer Bridge in summer 2019 for consideration for enrollment in Algebra in the 7th grade for Fall 2019


7th Grade Requirements

Students in Algebra 1 who did not complete 7th gr. Advanced Math and who did not take 8th gr. STAAR must do the following:

1. Complete the 8th gr. Mathematics course using Odysseyware at home and at school starting in January 2019.

2. Take the 8th grade Math Proficiency test in Spring 2019 on Saturday May 18th at Fulmore MS – to show mastery of 8th grade knowledge and skills

3. Take the Algebra 1 EOC at the end of 7th grade


8th Grade Requirements

Students currently in Geometry in 8th grade who did not meet the TEA requirment of showing mastery of 8th grade Math or its equivalent, must do the following:

1. Take the 8th grade STAAR Math test in April 2019 and score minimum of “Meets Standard”

2. Take and pass the Geometry final exam in May 2019

3. Attend any tutoring sessions required by the teacher




The Geometry Track in middle school requires careful planning and is intended for students who are two years ahead of peers in the math curriculum. 


Odysseyware is the tool we use to allows students to work on the course from any electronic device at home or school, and is supervised by our Math Teachers. Their work will show up through this website, and allow 

How to access Odysseyware:

To access Odysseyware, please click the Odysseyware icon below:

Login: Student ID (Without the S)
Password: fulmore